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About us

Our History

In April 2012, following a day of discernment under the guidance of Sr Pat Barnett, RSJ , a small group of parishioners from St John Bosco, Engadine  decided to form a group dedicated to advancing the ideals of social justice within our parish and in the wider community.  We adopted the name: Bosco Social Justice Group. We subsequently set up the formal structure of the group, including electing a management committee, adopting a constitution, and establishing  financial accounts.   Since our Inaugural Launch and Fund-Raising Dinner, our membership has extended to the wider community.   We currently meet monthly, on the last Tuesday of the month.

Our Aims

Our aims are set out in detail in our constitution.  In summary they are, in accordance with Catholic social justice principles, to:

·       Raise awareness and to educate our local community in social justice issues

·       Seek redress in matters of social justice, including involvement in advocacy, action and fund raising

Our Priorities

Our current priorities are:

·       Helping a disadvantaged community, in Maliana, Timor-Leste. We have been heavily involved in fund raising to support the refurbishment of infants’ classrooms in the town of Maliana itself and the construction of a women’s craft centre in the village of Halico.

·       Raising awareness of Indigenous issues. We have been involved in promoting Reconciliation Sunday, NAIDOC week, and of highlighting events such as the Appin Massacre Memorial.

As our membership grows, we intend to adopt other priorities, for example, in the area of the treatment of refugees or in environmental issues.